Policies and legal docs

We are here to help! fortrabbit is a self-service hosting platform including a comprehensive documentation. You will have questions anyways. We aim for quick and on-point answers. Here is what you need to know.

The source of this document is here: github.com/fortrabbit/legal/blob/master/support-policy.md.

Support policy of fortrabbit

last reviewed on June 1st, 2018

Support scope

  • Answering general questions about the platform
  • Providing pointers to documentation
  • Troubleshooting access
  • Helping with deployment
  • Guiding DNS setup
  • Assisting with configuration
  • Helping with installing software
  • Identifying application problems
  • Providing workarounds or resolutions for known problems
  • Answering general how-to questions and best practices
  • Replying to billing related questions
  • Recommending site architecture

Not covered with support

  • Rewriting client application code
  • Debugging client applications
  • Setting up local development
  • Tuning performance
  • Modifying or patching software on behalf of clients
  • General coding questions
  • Training in Git

Support channel

Technical support is available through the web based client support system which can be found on all fortrabbit web properties.

Support hours

Support inquiries may be submitted at any time.

Response time

Every support request will be answered. The main support time frame is bound to our general office hours, Berlin. Monday — Friday, 09:00 — 17:00, excluding public holidays.


The fortrabbit platform is monitored 24/7 by comprehensive automated systems. On-call schedules and escalation policies for technical support are in place.

Incident handling

We will respond swiftly to diagnose and correct platform incidents. In the event of a bigger issue, a notice will be posted on the status site at status.fortrabbit.com.

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Do you like our policies, or wonder about changes, or found a typo? See the fortrabbit legal repo on GitHub.


How can I open a ticket?

To start a conversation, open the chat bubble on the bottom right corner. Signed-in users are automatically registered and can submit new tickets and view history on previously opened tickets.

When will I get an answer?

We will answer as soon as possible. The median response time has been around 50 minutes, historically. The median time to close was around 4 hours. That means that, sometimes we chat, sometimes answers are delayed.

What is median answer time?

Median is similar to average, see the Wikipedia definition. Sometimes we answer quickly, sometimes it can take a while. It's NOT the guaranteed answer time, it's the middle.

Can you help me migration my websites over?

Sorry, as noted, fortrabbit is a self service for developers. You will always need a developer to handle fortrabbit. We do not offer hands-on migration services. We are always happy to help with specific technical questions on the matter. There is also a detailed guide for that. Doing the migration on your own helps you understanding how deployment works here.

We will have a traffic spike event

We might be able to prepare that with you. Please let us know a couple of days in advance.

What if I have an urgent question?

That doesn't happen often. The scope of our support here is helping you deploying code and configuring your Apps. Mind that we are also monitoring our systems for general issues. So the few urgent cases we seeing are usually when clients accidentally mess up or delete things. We have priority criteria policies. Urgent and important cases will be answered first.

What if I miss the answer?

That usually doesn't happen. You will get the answer by e-mail, when you are away. You can also answer on that e-mail or jump back into chat at any time. It works really well.

Do you offer premium support?

Kind of. We have Company plans for enhanced collaboration features and better support. Clients with company plans enabled will get on the important list. We will take more time to answer tickets and will look deeper.

What other support channels do you offer?

Sorry, no telephone support hotline here, but you can call our office and we will likely answer the phone. fortrabbit limits the general support to online communication. It allows us to keep the pricing down, while maintaining a feature-rich application. It also helps us gathering system details and other information for effective troubleshooting. A lot of support is pointing to help articles, that's better in a written form. Also, we need to escalate tickets often, like from 1st level support to 2nd level, the full transcript is very helpful here.

Do you offer 24/7 support?

Sorry no. Please see above to understand why.

Where can I send feedback?

We like to hear your ideas! Please also use the support bubble.

Can you support me with that obscure software I am using?

Maybe not. Please see our software support levels document to find which software we can support.