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App plans

Plan 1 PHP processes 7 PHP memory 7 Page views/h 7 Web storage 7 MySQL storage 7 Backups 7 Cron Jobs 7 Monthly price 11 Daily price 12
Light (also trial Apps) 2 128 MB 1k 1 GB 256 MB No No 5 0.17
Standard 4 256 MB 2k 5 GB 512 MB Yes Yes 15 0.5
Plus 8 512 MB 4k 10 GB 1 GB Yes Yes 30 1

The prices above are per App.

App specific settings


PHP memory limit in deployment24 512 MB
Max time for git push 20 m
Max time for git pull 10 m
Max time running Composer in deployment 10 m
Max time running pre script in deployment 10 m
Max time running post script in deployment 10 m
Max size of deployment release package 22 200 MB

Traffic & temp storage

Included traffic per month and App 21 50 GB
Each additional 5 GB traffic 1
Temporary storage per App21 2 GB


Days of retention 24 14
EU MySQL backups start at24 02:00 UTC
EU MySQL backups usually finished by24 10:00 UTC
EU code backups start at24 03:30 UTC
EU code backups are usually finished by24 17:30 UTC
US MySQL backups start at24 07:00 UTC
US MySQL backups usually finished by24 15:00 UTC
US code backups start at24 07:00 UTC
US code backups usually finished by24 23:00 UTC

Software versions

Apache 2.4
PHP 7.4, 7.3, 7.2
MySQL 5.7


Available memory 21 See PHP memory above
Max concurrent logins 21 5

Cron Jobs

Interval times hourly, daily, weekly, monthly

Firewall white-listings

Description Port
Secure Shell (SSH) 22
Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) 25
Domain Name System (DNS) 53
Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) 80
Post Office Protocol (POP3), Authenticated Post Office Protocol (APOP) 110
Secure Sockets Layer (SSL, "HTTPS") 443
Message Submission (Authenticated SMTP) 465
Message Submission (Authenticated SMTP) 587
Apple Push Notifications (APNs) 2195
Apple Push Notifications (APNs) 2196
MySQL 3306
PostgreSQL 5432
Alternate Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP) port 8080
Elastic(Search) 9200
Git 9418

PHP extensions


  1. Plan: Identification of this extension state.
  2. Level: Category, recommended use case, either Development, Production or Dedicated. more
  3. Monhtly price: Costs for one full month, billed after usage.
  4. Daily price: Costs for a single day of use, minimum period.
  5. PHP processes: Defines the concurrent connections.
  6. PHP requests per hour: PHP script executions, mostly akin to pageviews. more
  7. Page views per hour: One page view is one PHP script execution. Value is recommendation, not absolute. more
  8. Nodes: Individual copies, amout of computing instances, data redundancy.
  9. Shared: Whether the App runs on a shared Node or not. The Dedicated level is not shared.
  10. CPU priority: How many CPUs are dedicated to the App.
  11. AWS: Which AWS product or service is mainly in use.
  12. Load balancer: Request routing / distribution across Nodes.
  13. PHP memory: equals PHP memory_limit. Dedicated plans have a PHP memory_limit of 1 GB. more
  14. OPcache: Max allowed memory for OPcache and APCU usage.
  15. PHP processes total: Count of concurrent Fast CGI PHP processes, two per Node. more
  16. MySQL storage: Database capacity including index.
  17. MySQL index: Reserved index space within storage, soft limit.
  18. MySQL memory: Reserved RAM for indices. Applies only to Dedicated level.
  19. MySQL connections: Amount of max allowed concurrent connections. more
  20. MySQL IOPS: Amount if i/o operations per second. Applies only to Dedicated level.
  21. MySQL Backup price: Monthly price for enabling backups for the scaling.
  22. Memcache memory: Reserved RAM.
  23. Worker memory: Total available RAM to execute background jobs.
  24. Worker jobs: Amount of max allowed jobs.
  25. Cron Jobs: Amount of configurable cron jobs more
  26. SSH memory: RAM available for execution PHP applications.
  27. Concurrent logins: Parallel SSH and/or SFTP connections at the same time.
  28. Object Storage size: Size available to store total files. more
  29. Ephemeral storage: Non-persistent local storage that will be replaced on each deploy. more
  30. Web storage size: Size available to store total files permanently on disk. more
  31. Temporary storage size: Storage amount available for temporary store files (/tmp) more
  32. Deployment release package: Compressed archive of all deployed files more
  33. Deployment memory: Memory available to Composer, pre & post script execution + remote SSH execution. more
  34. Traffic: All traffic generated by request to PHP scripts, static files and files in the Object Storage.
  35. Positive cache: Time duration for cache headers for existing file.
  36. Negative cache: Time duration for cache headers for not existing file (404).
  37. Max remote execution time: Time duration after which remote SSH executed commands are aborted.
  38. App Collaborators: Available App Collaborators without a booked Company plan. more
  39. Backup retention: Amount of days backups are stored and downloadable from the Dashboard. more
  40. Backup snapshot time: When snapshots are created from which backups are generated
  41. Backup availability: When backups become available in the Dashboard. Depends on the region the App is in
  42. HTTPS Support: In which way HTTPS connections are available more

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