Why to host Craft CMS on fortrabbit

This is not just a landing page to lurk you in. We ❤ Craft CMS & Craft Commerce.

Made for Craft 3

fortrabbit is made for modern PHP application development and design with Git deployment and Composer built in. That perfectly aligns with the Craft CMS 3 feature set.

Craft Copy

Our open source Craft plugin speeds syncing your fortrabbit App with your local development — from setup checks to database syncs. Download it here:

Craft CMS partnership

fortrabbit is recognized for good Craft CMS hosting and recommended on the Craft CMS website as an offcial hosting partner. We also contribute to the community in discusssions and by open source publications.

Comprehensive guides

There is a whole section on how to work with Craft CMS and fortrabbit. It covers all topics from installing Craft CMS locally, over setup, Git or SFTP deployment, deploying assets and tuning.

Personal support

We can really help you with your Craft related problems. See our support policies on what to expect and our Company Plans for extended options. Or just try it out now — ask something!


We have workflows to match your real life business relations, like when working for a client or in a team.

Have you tried FortRabbit? Support is top tier, super scalable, and doesn’t require any sysadmin chops. #craftcms fortrabbit.com

Philip Zaengle US
Laravel, Craft, SugarCRM developer.

More reasons why to host Craft CMS on fortrabbit

Focus on Craft — not on Craft hosting.

Batteries included

  • Managed OS
  • Git & Composer
  • SSH & SFTP
  • SSD storage
  • Scaling
  • Backups
  • PHP 7

Featured Craft CMS sites hosted on fortrabbit

Almighty organic juice: Delicious organic juice.
Hoppily: A festival of craft beer.
GMYLE: Customizable iphone cases.
Managed by Q: We make it easy to run your office.
nook: Non-toxic mattresses for babies, kids and partents.
Aiglon: A renowned, non-profit independent boarding school located high in the Swiss Alps.
Elektroplate: America's leading supplier of chrome-plated automotive accessories.

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