Why to host Craft CMS on fortrabbit

Batteries included

  • Managed OS
  • Git & Composer
  • SSH & SFTP
  • SSD storage
  • Scaling
  • Backups
  • PHP 7

Setting up Craft

Installing Craft on fortrabbit hosting is painless. Just do some configuration changes, push your code and your are good to go.

Have you tried FortRabbit? Support is top tier, super scalable, and doesn’t require any sysadmin chops. #craftcms fortrabbit.com

Philip Zaengle US
Laravel, Craft, SugarCRM developer.

Featured Craft CMS sites hosted on fortrabbit

Aiglon: A renowned, non-profit independent boarding school located high in the Swiss Alps.
Aligned Datacenters: The first pay-for-use data center.
GMYLE: Customizable iphone cases.
Managed by Q: We make it easy to run your office.
nook: Non-toxic mattresses for babies, kids and partents.
Creta Live: Media website with the latest news from Greece.

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Craft CMS hosting and fortrabbit

Focus on Craft — not on Craft hosting.

Craft CMS is made for developers and editors. Out of the box, Craft supports multiple environments. This is an absolute must when working in teams so you can develop the site locally, deploy to staging and then deploy to production. With fortrabbit multi staging is easy: Just spin up an App to create a new environment, import your database and git push your code. Team collaboration is straight forward, code access for your mates based on access roles. fortrabbit is developer friendly, fast and reliable Craft CMS hosting. We ❤ Craft CMS & Craft Commerce.

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