hobby projects
  • 2 PHP processes ?
  • 128 MB PHP Memory ?
  • 1 GB Web storage ?
  • 256 MB MySQL storage ?
  • + all general features ?
5 per App monthly


serious business
  • 8 PHP processes ?
  • 512 MB PHP Memory ?
  • 10 GB Web storage ?
  • 1 GB MySQL storage ?
  • Backups ?
  • 1 Cron Job ?
  • + all general features ?
30 per App monthly
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Included with each App

Universal Stack features

Open for everyone

Build websites and web applications here. Combine legacy workflows with modern design paradigms.

Learn about the Universal Stack ›

SSD Web storage

Access files fast: The local Web storage is based on SSD - of course. The persistent file system enables legacy workflows.

About the persistent storage ›


Login via SSH, run tasks, use your frameworks CLI tools for database migration or task runners on remote.

Using SSH on fortrabbit ›


Prefer legacy workflows? You are welcome! Upload files via classic SFTP and even use that side by side with other deployment methods.

Using SFTP on fortrabbit ›


Backups are stored encrypted in an off-shore location for 14 days and can be easily downloaded from the Dashboard at any time.

Learn more about backups ›

Cron Jobs

Schedule a custom script to run automatically and periodically in the background. Configure a periodic task in the Dashboard:

Learn how to use Cron Jobs ›

Platform features

Managed hosting

You code. We take care of the platform, the deployment process, the database and the Operating System.

See our security article ›

1 App = 1 website

Each App is an isolated container for one website. Resources are individually scalable. Create and kill Apps at any time.

Learn more the architecture ›

Dedicated PHP RAM

The memory is dedicated for PHP usage per App. Unlike with other hosting it is not shared with the operating system or other resources.

See compatible software list ›

Fast & secure PHP processes

More PHP processes enable more concurrent requests. PHP processes are dedicated and isolated – thanks to FPM.


Each App has a dedicated Git repo. Just git push and see your code changes online almost instantly.

See Git deployment on fortrabbit ›


Composer install is integrated in the deployment process: Dependencies are automatically handled after each `git push`.

See how to use Composer here ›

Decoupled MySQL

MySQL is based on RDS by AWS and thus decoupled from the App, running on isolated Nodes with their own resources.

Explore MySQL options ›

Automatic HTTPS

Secure connections on all domains are standard. TLS Certificates are provided by Let's Encrypt and installed automatically.

Using HTTPS on fortrabbit ›


Never share passwords by e-mail again! Securely grant access using App level collaboration. Map real world business relationships with one login.

Learn about collaboration ›

Performance metrics

PHP response time last 24 h
112 avg, 42 min, 208 max,

Monitor performance right in the Dashboard.


Each App comes with a fair amount of monthly included transfer volume. Additional bandwidth is available.

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Pro-rate billing

With consumption based billing and a precise daily settlement you pay only for what you are using.

Learn about our fair billing ›

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