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Air France


Hans Peter Nielsen
Hans Peter Nielsen: Converting digital needs and challenges to the right solution
Niek ten Hoopen
Niek ten Hoopen: Web (shop) development & web (shop) consultancy
Phil Smith
Phil Smith: Making the web work better
Shane Rounce
Shane Rounce: Web/ux developer, designer, photographer, traceur & writer

Why web designers host on fortrabbit


Harkable: Helping brands to be heard above the noise and connect with their audience
Sempro: Digital agency that helps their clients to advertise in the web properly
Studio Rotate: Here to help ambitious clients thrive online
Wondrous: Strategy, design and code, Swiss made

Why web agencies collaborate with fortrabbit


Dot: Find out anything about anywhere
Intelligentpos: Affordable, efficient and intelligent point of sale for every business
Specifiedby: A smart database of over 20,000 building products and materials
Styla: AI powered content commerce

Why startups grow with fortrabbit

24metrics: Fraudshield effectively stops affiliate fraud — SaaS / Mobile App built with Laravel
Academy: Project website for education program in the IT and software sector — Corporate Website built with WordPress
Happy Hours: Voucher code system — Online Campaign built with Laravel
Anthology: Residential developments in London — Corporate Website built with Craft
Biotrue: Product website for one day lenses — Online Campaign built with Laravel
Stylefix: Every style tells a story — Online Campaign built with OctoberCMS
Campusjäger: Recruiting marketplace for students and employers looking for talent — E-Commerce / Marketplace built with CakePHP
Flinttown: #FTWN online shop, London based fashion brand — E-Commerce / Marketplace built with Expression Engine
Ipos: Affordable, efficient and intelligent point of sale for every business — SaaS / Mobile App
Gif me more creativity: Create your own housing mtv mobile x musketon — Online Campaign built with Laravel
nook: Non-toxic mattresses for babies, kids and parents — E-Commerce / Marketplace built with Craft
Valentine card: Send a customized valtine card via Facebook — Online Campaign
Customer Care Check: Get a view of your service organization's maturity level — Online Campaign
Ruya Foundation: Multilingual NGO website of the Ruya Foundation for contemporary culture in Iraq — Corporate Website built with WordPress
Stadtcasino Basel: Project website about the extension of music hall in Basel — Corporate Website built with WordPress
Subaru Norge: Main website for Subaru Norge and a network of 50+ subsites of local dealers — Corporate Website built with Laravel
Ticketmaster Sport 1: Graylabel marketing platform for segmented ticket sales — E-Commerce / Marketplace
Urakkamaailma: Marketplace for craft trade services in Finnland — E-Commerce / Marketplace built with Laravel

I'm loving @fortrabbit. It feels really natural for me as a PHP Developer.

Eduardo Romero MX
Web Developer, Open Source Consultant