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Let's team up. Map your business relations within this hosting platform — featuring access roles, delegation and prioritized support.

Company plans


Company xs

serving solo developers
  • Low prio support ?
  • 3 Company members ?
  • 1 Billing Contact ?
0 per Company monthly

Company s

helping a busy team
  • Basic prio support ?
  • 5 Company members ?
  • 5 Billing Contacts ?
10 per Company monthly

Company m

supporting serious business
  • High prio support ?
  • 10 Company members ?
  • 25 Billing Contacts ?
50 per Company monthly

Company l

backing large organisations
  • Extended support ?
  • 50 Company members ?
  • 100 Billing Contacts ?
250 per Company monthly

Workflows that work

The flexible Company model suits freelancers working with clients, agencies working with projects and startup teams of all sizes.

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Company members can act on behalf of the Company: create new Apps and invite other team members.

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Role based permissions

Different jobs require different access levels. Team members can be Owners and Admins, grant access on App level to Collaborators.

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Unlimited App Collaboration

With any paid Company plan you can invite as many App collaborators to all Apps of the Company as you want. Work together on projects of any size.

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Consolidated billing

Create multiple Billing Contacts per Company. Each Billing Contact has it's own payment method and invoice address.

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Team support

The support is aligned with the collaboration features. In other words: All members of your Company have access to support.

Prioritized support

The higher the Company plan, the higher priority in the support queue. We can answer more quickly and take more time to dive into your problems.

Fast support replies

Support is chat. The median first response time is 30 minutes. Try it out now, by clicking the chat bubble in the bottom right corner.

Your offshore PHP pros

We can assist you with anything from deployment work-flows, to performance tuning, to life-cycle planing, to database support.

Customer quotes

There's exceptional support. And then there's super super super exceptional support. That's @fortrabbit.

Nicolas Dupuy FR
web developer & consultant

Just deployed app #38 on @fortrabbit, #PHP PaaS awesomeness, never a problem that couldn't be resolved with their awesome support.

Rainer Friederich CH
Development lead at Wondrous Inc

Ulrich, YOU ARE A LEGEND! thank you it works perfectly now!!!!!! such a stupid mistake that i spent hours trying to fix :)

Ashley Ford UK
Director at Harkable

I'm not sure which one I'm more impressed. @blackfireio as a analysing tool or @fortrabbits customer support.

Kalle Palokankare FI
Senior developer at Klopal

Experienced some outstanding support from @fortrabbit today. So happy to be with a hosting company that knows what it is doing.

Ben Dodson UK
Ex-CEO and Founder of WallaBee