What's wrong with Heroku?

Nothing. Heroku is a good hosting platform. But we can provide a better service for you with our exclusive PHP hosting. Both hosting platforms are managed — which means you can focus on coding, instead of dealing with servers. With both you simply git push to deploy.

PHP only

PHP runs our veins. Our mission is to bring PHPower to the PHPeople. We were the first PaaS to introduce native Composer integration. We push modern development and deployment practices and treat legacy workflows respectfully. Heroku must make sure they can run Ruby, Java, Python and whatnot - that does not come without trade-offs - while we concentrate only on PHP. Heroku doesn't do MySQL at all, with fortrabbit instead it's an integrated component.

Small is beautiful

Heroku is owned by Salesforce. They are trying to attract enterprise clients. We are serious about hosting and yet closer to you: freelancer, digital agency and startup. So we think that we can give you a better support.

Features & responsibilities

Hosting providers are like apples and oranges. This table might help comparing:

aPaaS Shared hosting VPS Managed hosting IaaS
Sample providers fortrabbit,
Windows Azure,
Google Cloud
Price level low - high very low - low low - high high - very high medium - very high
Complexity medium low medium medium very high
Developer features available n/a your responsibility on request your responsibility
Scaling limitless, simple downtime, limited n/a on request complex, limitless
Deployment workflows included n/a your responsibility your responsibility your responsibility
Operating system managed managed your responsibility managed your responsibility
Security managed low your responsibility managed your responsibility
Skill requirements developer developer developer & admin developer developer & admin & cloud architect