@fortrabbit Did some @loaderio stress testing and it performed really well. High five!

Henning Horn DK
Information science student

PHP 8 is PHP on steroids. PHP 8 is the fastest PHP ever — up as twice as fast as PHP 5.6. Most frameworks and applications are already compatible. Take advantage now. See it, test it, benchmark it yourself. With fortrabbit managed hosting you can enable PHP 8 in the Dashboard. Enjoy performance gains, and a lower memory footprint.

Migrating is easy. With the app-centric design you can easily spin up a new App and see if your code base is php-8-ready before you make the switch.

Batteries included

  • Managed OS
  • Git & Composer
  • SSH & SFTP
  • SSD storage
  • Scaling
  • Backups
  • PHP 8