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Scaling PHP

Professional Stack Apps have a service-oriented architecture. You scale each component individually. PHP is the core resource. It can be scaled in two dimensions:

Vertical scaling

Scale up: Down the rows are scalings with more RAM for the PHP processes, Apache and OS are excluded. Your Apps memory needs are defined by framework/CMS needs and your coding skills.

Horizontal scaling

Scale out: Add Nodes to your App to multiply capacity and also make it more resilient. Horizontal scaling increases PHP requests handling. A load balancer cluster is included. Mind that you might need Memcache to handle session data for all production scalings.

Relational database resources

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2 Nodes


2 Nodes

MySQL scaling

PHP + MySQL is a classic. Select your desired database size to get started and scale later at any time.

Backups & High availability

Production and dedicated plans are replicated for more safety. The databases are running on two Nodes in a master/slave configuration.

All backups are stored encryped on S3. The way we do backups has zero impact on the performance of the DB.

Dedicated resources

All dedicated database plans come with even more storage, the full CPU power and even more I/O.

Object Storage
S3 compatible cloud file depot

Choose an Object Storage scaling

About the Object Storage

This is an integrated S3 compatible cloud storage solution. What is cool about it: Separate code from content, keep the Git repo small and deployments fast and boost page delivery by outsourcing HTTP requests.

How to use it

File system abstraction is the key here. Composer packages like Flysystem handle two things for you: Uploaded files will be moved offshore, HTTP requests will be directed offshore. There are ready made add-ons for most modern frameworks and CMS available.

Distributed key/value caching

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2 Nodes

About Memcache

Memcached is a key-value store for small chunks of arbitrary data (strings, objects) from results of database calls, API calls, or page rendering. In short: it makes your website faster by giving quicker answers for common calls.

Memcache in production

PHP production plans are distributing requests equally across multiple Nodes. In addition Memcache stores object data (cache, session, database results) safely and efficiently across multiple Nodes.

Run jobs in the background

Choose a Worker

About the Worker

Don't let your users wait for your App to resize that image or send that mail. Offshore heavy lifting into background jobs to keep your App snappy and responsive. The Worker plans differ in amount of total available memory for all jobs and the number of jobs you can run.

Nonstop Jobs & Cron Jobs

The Worker will execute nonstop jobs permanently. Classical cron-like tasks can easily scheduled in the Dashboard.

Encryption with Let’s Encrypt cert

Choose an HTTPS option

HTTPS for all domains

TLS — formerly known as SSL — ensures privacy between applications and users by encrypting the communication. Choose between an auto-installed SSL certificate by Let's Encrypt or bring your own custom TLS certificate.

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Professional Stack features

Go professional

A Professional App is a container for your website or application. It consists of multiple Components and builds on useful standards. Professional Apps are, well, professional.

Learn about the Professional Stack.

Horizontal & vertical scaling

Scaling depends on the type of your application (vertical scaling) and the traffic it serves (horizontal scaling). Start with a small preset and go on from there. See our scaling tips and please don't hesitate to contact sales.


A Component is an individually scalable service (PHP, MySQL, Memcache …). Each App can have multiple Components at different scaling states. Presets are common combinations of Components.


A Node is a virtual machine that is optimized for a certain Component (PHP, MySQL …). Apps are running distributed across multiple Nodes. Node resources are shared: the higher the Components scaling plan, the less Apps are hosted on a single Node.

Development level

Use for tinkering, testing, playing, experiments, staging, feature branches, hot fixes, pet projects, weekend hacks, student work, personal blogs, low traffic websites … 99% Uptime guarantee.

Production level

Use for professional work, commercial projects, mission critical Apps, live sites, high traffic campaigns … 99.9% Uptime guarantee.

Platform features

Managed hosting

You code. We take care of the platform, the deployment process, the database and the Operating System.

See our security article ›

1 App = 1 website

Each App is an isolated container for one website. Resources are individually scalable. Create and kill Apps at any time.

Learn more the architecture ›

Dedicated PHP RAM

The memory is dedicated for PHP usage per App. Unlike with other hosting it is not shared with the operating system or other resources.

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Fast & secure PHP processes

More PHP processes enable more concurrent requests. PHP processes are dedicated and isolated – thanks to FPM.


Each App has a dedicated Git repo. Just git push and see your code changes online almost instantly.

See Git deployment on fortrabbit ›


Composer install is integrated in the deployment process: Dependencies are automatically handled after each `git push`.

See how to use Composer here ›

Decoupled MySQL

MySQL is based on RDS by AWS and thus decoupled from the App, running on isolated Nodes with their own resources.

Explore MySQL options ›

Automatic HTTPS

Secure connections on all domains are standard. TLS Certificates are provided by Let's Encrypt and installed automatically.

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Never share passwords by e-mail again! Securely grant access using App level collaboration. Map real world business relationships with one login.

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Performance metrics

PHP response time last 24 h
112 avg, 42 min, 208 max,

Monitor performance right in the Dashboard.


Each App comes with a fair amount of monthly included transfer volume. Additional bandwidth is available.

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Pro-rate billing

With consumption based billing and a precise daily settlement you pay only for what you are using.

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