PHPower to the PHPeople

fortrabbit features galore

Your benefits

  1. Focus — Craft Apps, instead of manage hosting.
  2. Iterate — Deploy fast, get feedback fast then repeat.
  3. Collaborate — Manage code and teams with ease.
  4. Experiment — Test without hassle with disposable Apps.
  5. Grow — Don't employ admins, scale with a click.
  6. Sleep well — We take care of the platform.

How it works

Try first

Spin up an App without obligations. Ask us to extend your trial period. Strictly opt-in: You don't need to cancel anything. Upgrade only when you are convinced.

Cancel at any time

You can cancel your Account completely with immediate effect at any time directly from the Dashboard or scale down components or delete Apps.

Code better, pay less

The resources your App will need heavily depend on the code you write. Your skills, best coding practices, a modern framework.

Start small, scale later

Predicting hosting resources is hard — especially when you’re building something new. That's why you can scale instantly. Quickly and easily scale up and down vertically and horizontally.

Use in production

99.9% Uptime guarantee. Use for professional work, commercial projects, mission critical Apps, live sites, high traffic campaigns …

Use for tinkering & dev

Use disposable Apps for development, testing, playing, experiments, staging, feature branches, hot fixes, pet projects, weekend hacks, student work, personal blogs, low traffic websites …

How fortrabbit is different

Universal Stack

The Universal Stack is for everyone to build websites and web applications, combining legacy workflows with modern design paradigms.

Meet the Universal Stack ›

Professional Stack

The Professional Stack is for spohisticated developers to build modern high-performance PHP web applications.

Meet the Professional Stack ›

90% automated

The fortrabbit platform is highly abstracted. It features built-in fault tolerance, health checks, auto recovery and data replication.

10% human touch

The service is constantly and professionally managed by real humans. We keep Operating System and hosting stack up-to-date and secure.

Dedicated to PHP

We love PHP. We love to develop in PHP. We love to help PHP developers by providing the best hosting platform for modern PHP — nothing else.

Development > production

The dev features are matching the early life-cycle of your application. Vertical and horizontal scaling allows you to grow to a high volume almost instantly.

Explore the specs ›

The Dashboard

Manage Apps and team in an elegant, self-explaining UI. The fortrabbit Dashboard is designed to give you fine-grained control over all of your Apps settings, manage collaboration and associated billing.

Video sessions

Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes

See what happens in the background when you deploy. From the build part, over the release, to the final distribution.

App architecture

App architecture

See how an App is distributed among multiple decoupled nodes. Each node is optimized for a single service. Each service can be scaled individually.

Consumption based billing

Consumption based billing

See our the monthly billing cylce. Learn how you billed only for actual used resources on a daily billing period.

Git deployment

Git deployment

See the famous 1 minute "Hello World" deployment demo. Watch an annotated shell transcript.



See real world example of what you can actually do with the collaboration features.

Serverless hosting

Serverless hosting

See how the fortrabbit platform compares to classical VPS hosting.