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Got sick of wrestling with Linux and Apache so tried out @fortrabbit and very glad I did. Perfect solution.

Shealan Forshaw UK
founder of beatnode
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Git deployment

Just Git-push-to-deploy to see your code changes online instantly.

Composer integration

Trigger a Composer hook with a special keyword in your commit message.

Deployment file

Fine-tune your deployment with a fortrabbit.yml file in your root folder.

Persistent storage

Save runtime data and user generated content directly on the local file system.


With command line access you can wget and tar zxf something, tail PHP error logs, rsync code, vim files on the fly, mass modify with sed and awk.


Map your real world business relations and manage multiple companies and Apps from one single Account with role-based access control.

Help & support

Help yourself with the extensive platform documentation or use our affordable professional support as your PHP back-office.

Fair pricing

With a consumption based billing you only pay for actual usage. The minimum billing period is one day.

@fortrabbit the best PHP cloud hosting platform I have used to date. No downtime and super fast. Scale in seconds.

Andrew Smith UK
core contributor on Slim Framework
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Your benefits


Code Apps instead of managing servers.


Ship faster to get feedback in more quickly; iterate, repeat.


Leverage the performance of an optimized PHP stack.

Our service


The service is constantly and professionally managed. We have a high level of security standards. We are committed to an always safe, secure and up-to-date platform.

Failure tolerance

Leverage managed enterprise level hosting for an affordable price – providing more than the plain numbers in the SLA with three-nine (99.9%) uptime guarantee.

Disaster recovery

Backups of all user data and service configurations are stored periodically in separated locations. Disaster recovery plans for worst case scenarios are in place.

Availability zones

AWS Availability Zones are independent datacenter units with autonomous power supply and network uplinks. Our whole infrastructure is spread across multiple zones and is prepared for a complete black-out of a complete zone.

Node redundancy

High availability plans offer web server multiplication. Scale your App to run on up to eight nodes simultaneously. The load balancer distributes requests equally.

Database replication

All MySQL database plans run on Amazon's RDS in a replicated setup in multiple availability zones.

Storage redundancy

The distributed file storage is replicated in another availability zone. The fail-over storage is always up to date and will take over automatically in case of outages.

Cache clustering

Our Memcache Component is your key value store of choice when your App runs on multiple nodes – of course also available in a redundant setup.

Tried & tested by a community of 15k PHP developers and counting!

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